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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Family gathering in Singapore

This Wednesday I will be flying to Singapore. The other Pertzens are coming as well, arriving 15 minutes later than I do. Talk about planning.

The missus will join us on Sunday for the long awaited family trip to the beach.
In the meantime we will be (hopefully) having a great time at the Singapore GP ( Not sure if I really HAVE to see Mariah Carry On, but hey, free!
Or maybe I see the Chippendales? 15 years after the male stripper hayday they might be sporting pot-bellies, bald heads and fewer teeth...

Here also a few things I wish would go away:

- The "Medium" size when there are only 2 sizes.
How can something be in the middle between 2???

- The need to almost undress completely when boarding a plane.
Thought your X-Ray machines take care of all the detecting of dangerous stuff?

- Messages like "Best use of 3-D effects since Avatar" when Avatar was yesterday!

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