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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Worst Airline: KLM

One flies and learns. We were sent to a fair by our client. The location was Duesseldorf.
KLM was the cheapest and was supposed to get us to Duesseldorf.

- Flight to Duesseldorf departed late, hence we missed the connection
- We ended in Amsterdam, next flight to D-Dorf 12 hours later, so we go to Cologne
- Naturally, you have to figure it out all by yourself, little help from the airline
- In Cologne, the staff did not know what was going on
- Eventually, 5 hours late, we arrived in the hotel

The way back:

- The first flight leaves earlier than scheduled - NO prior notification was given
- Then we learn that we fly to Singapore first, then to KL - NO notification given
- Total delay: 4 hours again, only 1 hour transit time in Singapore
- Compensation: Have to beg for it and figure out an obnoxious web system to claim

Rating: this has been my worst trip of my life.
Yes, flights are delayed and so on, but 2 times on one trip?
And the way they handle it??? Lousy!

Next year I fly Air Asia to Europe!

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