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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Friendship 2.0

Remember when we were young(er)? We had a best friend. Today we callem "Mate".
One used to have a best friend. You would meet that person every day. Do all sorts of things together. Exept for homework. Useless stuff. Most likely it was the guy next door. And maybe... only maybe he would have an older sister you did not understand. Why she would talk so much about Rick Astley, what is so great about the moron up the road who has just started shaving.

Anyway, research will show you that it takes longer to form a bond (aka Friendship) when you are getting older. In additon, people move around. I have met a businesss owner in KL this week and was told that people are being posted to Malaysia for 3 years tops. This means that you end up meeting people, getting to know them and zip they are gone again. Ok, then you have friend that lives someplace else. I am not saying that friendship cannot be found. But! the nature of the friendship is different. Take MXXXXX for instance.. He has been promising to visit me for the past 99 years. We talk almost every day though.

I believe that the way friendships are kep will change significant in the next years. More people will travel more and friends will be in touch via the internet. Friendship will also be more intense. If you see your mate only every 6 months, 1 year... there is a lot you have to compress into a short period of visiting time. Then again, it is a small world. In another post I shall report about that.

Here is to friendship!

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