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Friday, May 30, 2008

Spike (almost) alone at home

Brief recap on history: Once Malaysia and Singapore were one and the same country. Then they decided to split off or were kicked out, depending on whom you ask.

As a result Malsysians now only get a 2 weeks visa if they don't have a valid work permit. Which applies to Nicole at the moment. Hence, she left her two boys (Spike and Stefan) alone for a week.

Worried about the fact that he is now 50% heavier than what he should be, Spike will now undergo a very rigid fitness regime. We started this morning with a walk before breakfast.
Later I buy him a treadmill.

My Employment pass has been approved and I can plow ahed now working.

1 comment:

sven said...

Maybe Spike was born as a pog in the body of a terrier. I'm sure you will give him some serious exercise.

btw straight tip for Spike might be: