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Monday, November 5, 2007

Wikipedia scares me!

When we were young, we needed to ask mom or someone who "really knew things" if we wanted to find out the most profund things in life. Now that there is Wikipedia there is no more need to wait until we see aunt XX or uncle YY who knows about these issues.

Hang on there... Have you really tried Wikipedia. The amount of information on there is scary. I have NOT found a thing that is NOT on there. I mean, type "Eins Live"in the ENGLISH version and there is a description of a German radio station. Entire blueprints of battleships, critics on movies like Apocalypse Now (Redux) can be found. There is stuff on almost every movie. Try "Disturbia", a movie most of us may have not even heard of.

Who writes all that stuff...??? And what will happen to aunt XX or Mom???? No longer needed as the Go-To address for information?

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