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Monday, December 1, 2008

Stefan Pertz launches Launchpad

Founded by Stefan Pertz, B2B marketing specialist and former account director for a B2B advertising agency, Launchpad provides outsourced marketing services for companies in the region and for western companies moving east. (launching mid December) (currently under construction)
This was possible with the help of a number of great people around me. I am greatful for those who have bounced off ideas with me, assisted me with the right directions or put in some hard work. Though I will not list them here, I am sure they know who they are. The success of Launchpad is due to your support; THANK YOU!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Your blog entry with regards to that "song" was hilarious....don't know how you thought up such a creative entry but well had been cracking up and dancing at the same time...very addictive beat indeed!

You should use this "inspired creativity" to launch your company "launchpad"....honest and open creative might just be onto a winner here...