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Saturday, January 16, 2021



After I successfully managing to make pizza at home from scratch, I am now dabbling in cocktails. Gotta keep busy with something while being confined to one's home. Drinking at home also has the added advantage that one doesn't have to worry about roadblocks or dress code. 

Shown above is the result of my first Negroni attempt. The backed oranges were a real hit in this one. I was told though that the Vermouth is to be red. Ok, next time. I promise. In extension of this experiment, today it will be "Negroni Fizz". Cos I still have much of the oranges left. 

The mixture yesterday had us out of order even before the sun set... Doesn't happen often that I am in bed before 21:00 and then sleep for 11 hours. Maybe, just maybe I am just tired. What with the stress and all. But could also be the allohol. Either one. 

Monday, January 11, 2021

I will eat my free lunch AND have it!

I see a massive debate about the new WhatsApp Terms & Conditions and how Signal and Telegram are supposedly better as they do not harvest data to be sold. Ok, so far so good.

The way I see it is that WhatsApp (WA) provides me with a service. One that works day and night, highly reliable and so far never had any glitches. And so far they charged me USD 1.99 per year or so.

Again, it is a service. And therefore, they need to make money. If anything, the servers need to be maintained, salaries paid etc. That can be done via:

- In-app advertising (Shudder!!!! That is the reason why I hate Line and WeChat)

- Subscription fees

- Data gathering and sales of it

When I see people on Facebook / Instagram: they post EVERY move they make. They do that voluntarily. And they have a problem when their data is harvested? Uhm... dunno...

Go ahead, make my data. What is the worst that can happen? That I am being shown an ad for tampons on FB? Which I can simply ignore? This is a  small price to pay for a service that I depend on, that I like.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Why ask?

Here at the Pertzi's Research Center for useless information we just confirmed the following: People have lost the ability to look up things themselves. Instead of spending 30 seconds browsing a website, they rather compose emails to get the information. As examples:

Q: Where is your office located?
A: That can be found on our website, but here it is...

Q: Do you have a current rate card?
A: That can be found on our website, but here it is...

Q: Can I subscribe to the magazines?
A: A: That can be found on our website, but here it is...

Q: Do you have older magazines available as PDF?
A: That can be found on our website, here the link

Q: Is there an office in Singapore? Who do I contact?
A: That can be found on our website, but here it is...

Q: What do the online banners look like?
A: That can be found on our website, but here it is...

Q:What are the specifications for online banners / print ads
A: That can be found on our website, but here it is...

You get the idea. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2021



So, this is me (right), finally giving in to the temptation of having a professional shave. After what felt like a year at home I had a professional barber weed out the beard, trimming it neatly. I did not mind the plastic apron and all that at all. What I liked most were the hot towels, which were drenched in something lemongrass. 

Meanwhile, the remaining hair on my head is growing wild. That is for my next post.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Time to say Good-bye

Maybe it is a symbol of how we end this particular year? Time to let go, move on, open the doors to usher in the next? Or maybe this particular piece of equipment has just been a very trusted companion. After 12 years and countless trips, this Samsonite luggage has now made its last trip. Although local, but it has been on the final trip this weekend, carrying the stuff needed for a staycation.

Luggage does not have an easy job these days and every time I have used this bag, I have been amazed by how much torture this thing can take. Now, with parts chipped off, zippers torn and the inside worn out, it is time to put the next one to the task. 

The only question is: when can we travel again?

Monday, November 30, 2020

An Iconic German Watch Brand being Re-Launched


The re-birth of an Iconic German Watch Brand.

How exciting it must be to re-launch a brand that has been in the family for generations!
Jonas Bley is currently busy with the production and shipment of the first watches of the relaunched Wegner Watches brand. With a lot of history, he surely has some anecdotes to share:

“While the (hi-)story of Eugen Wegner and the watch business has always been present in my childhood home, none of us really dared to venture into that field, lacking the experience. My grandmother (a goldsmith) and her brother (a watchmaker) are the only family members who used to learn the trade of watchmaking and goldsmithing. During high school I interned at my grandmother’s studio for a short while, but that is long time ago.


In 2017 I came across one of the old Hevelius pockets watches, which was sold by a trader in Moscow. It was the tipping point for me to finally try and restart the business. However, reviving the family business for us also means that do not outsource our manufacturing. Our products are close to our heart and we want to have as much control over the process and quality as possible. Therefore, in absence of any personal qualification as watchmaker or goldsmith, it has been of utmost importance for us to find excellent watchmakers and goldsmiths to be part of our revival team from day one reviving the family business.” - Jonas Bley in November 2020.

Those interested in the timepieces can now pledge their support on Kickstarter Eugen Wegner

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Toasting my Way to Stardom


Again? Yes. Every morning. Toast. Like this. Or a variation thereof. Sometimes a bit darker. Most times with cheese. Or jam. Or one with jam and one with cheese. Depends.

According to some sources, like, having a simple routine that addresses certain daily tasks makes one more effective and thus successful.

Nowadays, "if there is no photo, it did not happen" and therefore I post what I toast on social media. And while it is a bit of fun for me, I am surprised about the comments. People ask me, daily, Again? Yes. Every morning. Toast. It makes me wonder what people eat, if this is too boring for them. Maybe ya'll can leave me your one week meal plan in the comments?

Meanwhile, this effectiveness-enhancer has yet to make me a Millionaire... Maybe it really is about T-Shirts and not breakfast?