Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Good start into 2016

I am back! With a ... hat!

The year 2016 started way better than the last year ended. There are still some issues that irk me, but the first 2 months were good. Overall. Although I added a few grammes in weight and am still drinking too much of the wrong stuff, things have taken a good turn.

The first trip of this year was to Penang. Awesome place. Get's better every time I go. This time I had a chance to eat in the famous Eastern & Oriental Hotel. Next time I want to stay in that place. The overnight trip to Penang was followed by a week in Bangkok. Also getting better now that some Tuk Tuk drivers know me by name.

Next up will be a nice ride to Japan. THAT will be worth a picture or two.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Finally saying good-by to my most painful year - 2015

I wanted to wait until the year is really over. Over-Over. With all that has happened, I am sure that IF I had posted this a week before the end of the year, something would have piled up onto it like a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a waffle.

Of course there were some really good moments in the past year which are worth remembering. But overall I wouldn't mind just forgetting most of it.

The year started with a move into a new place. Now, not WANTING to have a TV is one thing. However, sitting in a place without deco, sofa or a TV is pretty depressing, considering that there wasn't (and still isn't) any girlfriend or partner to at least have a conversation. My pot plat turned out to be boring as a house-mate.

Next up was an eye infection at the same time as a infection of the Uuhhhh.. Well, let's just say I didn't have the desire to take a leak for a while. Couldn't even see where I was aiming at. And then the doctor gives you the wrong antibiotics. A week of tear-wrenching pain later I fianlly got the right drugs.

And next was the wisdom tooth that caused so much pain that I couldn't even sleep. Not even with 8 Paracetamol per day. And I thought my regular Migraine attacks were nasty. So, off to the dentist. Which is alway an adventure when you are in a foreign country. It should have worried me that the fella didn't take any X-Ray. And so he gave me a wrong recommendation. Sounds familiar? Yeah, thought so. Off to another dentist who must have ordered a new car by now, given the work needing to be done to my dining room. Several wisdom teeth later, I have that sorted now.

With the stress at work mounting and the pot plant still not talking, solace was found in Jim, Johnny, Captain Morgan and other good old friends. Eventually, I woke up with shot glasses on the bed side table. Also not a very good thing. Hand in hand with that came weight gain that led me to be so flubby that I was wheezing up the stairs. Sport was never more painful. At the time of writing I got both under control now.

But then came "She". Darn it! Why does one have to fall head over heels and then that? I really liked her. Not naming names. Not blaming anyone. It was just very painful when she said "I love you" and a few days later shot me down in a WhatsApp note. It could have been over a coffee. What followed was (likely) a massive heart-ache. But then again, it was likely one of the best 8-week relationship that I have had. "She" will remain a very special person. And I shall remain broken. For a while.

What followed was the "Revenge of the discounted bedding". What was sold to me as a Dunlopillo mattress was anything. But not an original. It sagged. Further than the Titanic sank. And the back ached. More than I could have imagined. Every morning I would wake up in Zombieland on my sofa. Did I mention that my sofa is too short for me to sleep on?

To round off the year I signed up for a full marathon. Actually just to impress another woman (DUUHHHH!!!) And if you know me, then you know that I finish what I start. A call to a former client was made as he is competing in Ironmen events. His advice was "Run as often as you can to get used to the physical pain". Well, thanks a lot. Like I didn't have enough of that.

Then I sit at German Motors having a drink at the Customer Appreciation Lunch on a Saturday. A FB message pings, telling me that a former class mate has committed suicide. That put a damper on things for the rest of the evening to say the least. I called my parents, asking for a bunch of flowers to the parents. That has to wait till Monday, but my parents do it. The Wednesday after, my parents tell me that the florist they went to hanged himself on the Monday they ordered the flowers.

So, thanks 2015, it was nice knowing you, but now you can just disappear and make way for a more fun and exciting year 2016. It can't get any worse, can it???

All that complaining aside, there were a lot of awesome moments in between as well. One has grown, progressed, been successful, seen stuff, travelled, made peace with the pot plant and gotten to know new people. But I could have done all of that without all the trouble, especially the emotional aspects of the annum. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Not lazy

I realise that I promised to write more here, but haven't. It is not that I am too lazy to write. On the contrary, I write a lot. For work. And when you pump out some 70 pages of text every two month, you may want to do something else in your free time. Besides, who wants to know that I am going to work, then to the gym and then to bed. Not much happening that is worth shouting about. I will let you know if that changes and I got myself a fish tank.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A world sanitized into boredom

Things used to be exciting. Look at the cars of the 1980s and 1990s. They weren't eco friendly. No, that they weren't. But they were exciting and each car had a distinct look. Today, they all look the same. I can't tell a Honda from a Toy-yoda anymore. IF you want an exciting car today, you need to pay a lot of money. Back then even the small cars had flair, charme and excitement. Driving them was also fun. Modern engine management dictates that your engine will run most fuel efficient. Flatten the pedal and yaaaawwwwwn... Back then the floodgates opened and something was happening.

Movies... oh how we loved the cinema. The leather seats, the wooden floor. In one place. The cinema in the next town looked different. Wherever you go now, the insides of the movie theaters look the same and even if it is a different operator, it looks the same. Needless to say you can't smoke in them anymore. It had something when the film projected bounced off the smoke that hung in the air. We had a lot of fun rolling empty coke bottles down the hall. Impossible now as it is all papercups or bottles with deposit on it. Besides, the halls now have steps. Please don't get me started on movies. Once a movie is somewhat successful, there will be pre-quels, sequels and sequels to prequels that are in between sequels. And you KNOW the story-line as it is all the same stuff. Movies some 20 years ago were smart. They surprised you. There wasn't so much bloody product placement in them that it now feels like a 90 minute ad. These movies had "Acting", not bloody CGI shit to show off. I I want to watch a computer game, I do that. Movie production could be a story in itself. Look at "Apocalypse Now" where the production was riddled with issues and one of the main actors lied about his age in order to get into the flick. Excitement! Stories! Now it is in, shoot, out. No behind the scenese drama, romance or any of that. Marriage between Bread Pitt and Angeline Lonely? I prefer Richard Burton snapping up the model GF of James Hunt!

James Bond? Oh please! Sean Connery. Now that was an exciting Bond. Would I rather be like an old Bond or Daniel Craig (Pouting here while writing). Please don't tell me you would prefer to be a modern Bond! Back then even the bad guys were badder.

Pop music you say? Oh dear! Same shit. Literally. There isn't any excitement left in these casted-together clones that all look, sound and sing the same. In the 80s we had punk, rock, pop, synty pop, funk, dis and dat playing on the radio. Today you get the same 10 songs every hour, sung to you by people that LOOK good. Like I care. And one casting show is like the next one too. Keep it. The last 2 songs that stuck in my mind were Umbrella Eh Eh and Telephone (Radio errrr Lady Gaga). The rest? I wouldn't be able to tell one "artist" from the other as they don't have any own style that is recognizable as "Ah, that's a ABC song". Now please don't tell me that there is excitement when you have some "wardrobe malfunction" (A term that brings me close to being on my knees in front of the toilet bowl) of pop stars. PLEEEAASSSE. When was the last time your / your wife's bra popped open in public???? All manufactured to create a sense of excitement. Commerce rules.

And now the corporate snooze-fest on wheels is back. Yes, the Formula Yawn. At some point I would take leave on Fridays just to see the practicing. Formula 1 used to be hot babes, hot tempers, boundaries being pushed with car design and apparently Lauda putting washing powder into Senna's overall before a race. Playboys ruled the world! Now... Interchangable corporate lollies. No one does anything fun anymore. PR Managers next to each driver all the time. And let's not talk about the races. What happened? I tell you: This sport, like any other, has been sanitized into boredom. Sponsors lack passion and balls and so all atheletes are groomed to be well behaved. Sport has now also become too expensive to just do away with sponsors. Sad.

And then there is flying. You could smoke on board a plane once. In the smoking section. Not that it made a difference. But there was something about it... So, now let me book a hotel in which I can wake up and know execatly what I am getting myself into. And when I wake up, I don't know where I am cos all the hotels look the same, the concierge has the same sly grin and the breakfast will be served at the usual time with your everyday garden variety of cereals.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Year End Post

It was an interesting year. This year 2014. A lot of exciting travel. Not that I have SEEN any of Manila, but I can now claim I have been there. The highwight was the IAA in Hannover. I am sure my parents were happy that I left after 3 weeks. Jakarta, Singapore, Thailand and a lot of local travel was part of the busy schedule. And the way I see it, the next year will not get any less demanding in terms of trips abroad. To start, Bangkok and Singapore are lined up.

Work-wise I would have never thought that Asian Trucker would become that successful. Which is great. A real keeper that. And a lot of fun. Thanks to some awesome colleagues too. That said, sometimes I wonder how we actually manage to pump out all these magazines, given the clowning around in the office.

Fitness is coming back. BUUUUT! The saying "it comes back quickly" can be rebutted as utter garbage. I have been to the gym for a year now with full energy. And I am still not where I left it some 4 years ago. Give me another year, will ya?

The Blair Toast Project is still on. Just in case you wonder.

And with that, I have fulfilled my promise of posting more again. And there will be more and more now again. Next year I am planning to be back with blogging to old form too!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Yes. Soon. I promise

Haiz... The last post has been so long ago. But what do you expect? I am writing so much now that I am not really in the mood to have another "publication" that takes up my time.

But ok, I promise that I will be posting more here again soon. Really. Really really!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Challenge rejected

Please note: Neither will I take the ice bucket challenge, nor will I donate instead of taking the challenge. Why?
Not because I don't think one should donate or help people in not. But because I think it should be done in a sustainable manner. Once we have seen all FHM hotties and aged rockstars pouring water over themselves it will get tired. Soon as the frenzy is over, ALS will be forgotten and Ohhhh what an awesome viral campaign that was. I read somewhere that the organsiation receiving the donations only puts 7 % (That's right, there is no 0 behind the figure) towards actual research into ALS.
If you want to do good, you don't have to boast about it on Facebook. The late Paul Walker was running his own charity, spending millions on helping people and hardly anybody knew.

Do I personally do enough for good causes. No. But if I do, not to show off. Also I would rather look at something more sustainable than a "viral campaign'.