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Sunday, October 28, 2007


Alright, it is this time of the year where I celebrate my birthday.
This year we had three days continuous celebrations. We started off on Thursday with a visit to the 12th anniversary of ZoCards, thanks to Pierre. We were joined by the a friend who, after living here for 17 years, mistook Boat Quay for Clarke Quay end ended up in the museum instead of the bar. Eventually he made it to the right place. After some wine and beer Maroccan food finished off the day.

On Friday we went for a three course meal with Champagne at Rogues. Rogues kindly delivered vouchers for free food and drinks. Being a night with a full moon, a visit to the Megadeth concert seemed to be just the right thing to do. Open air makes sense here and the event was a much better one than Yngvy Malmsteen in Hong Kong. What was missing were people in leather jackets, plastered with metal and patches. No one was really drink and I cought some people drinking WATER! At a Heavy Metal gig! Next thing you know is that there will be a juice and milk bar at the Alice Cooper concert. What i liked was the statement from frontman Mustaine that apparently they are from San Diego and that a fire had burned down his house. He said though:"It takes more than a F*#&+ng fire to make us cancel our tour."Now that is what you call attitude (Compare to Copperfield who is grounded cos some woman claimed he raped her... Right... A guy who could have them all...) Awesome gig by the way. Saturday would have been another concert, Heaven and Hell, the original Black Sabbath line up. Hey, there is culture in Singapore! Some of the staff deserves special recognition, such as the "Usher" of the male toilets... A 70 (!!!) retieree working at a Megadeth (!!!! Four exclamation marks) concert to spice up his pension money. RESPECT!

NB: The image confirmes why I prefer to have a camera as a camera as opposed to a phone that takes pictures...Anyway, I tried.

Saturday we went to the 1nitestand, the comedy club. English fellas taking the p*&s out of their home country - Hiralious! The Germans got their fair share as well...If you are in Singapore while there is a show: Go for it. The tickets for this event were also proudly sponsored by.... Rogues.

Today we take it easy with a bit of cycling and shopping. Now it is time to head for dinner.
As there are still some vouchers left, the rest of the week I will be dining at - you guessed it - Rogues.

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