Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In Kuala Lumpur. Now.

Finally... The family is re-united in Kuala Lumpur. Spike is soooo happy! Not to mention Nicole.

Saturday I was all by myself at the pool. It was so quiet, it felt like in one of these apocalyptic movies where there is only one person left on the planet. An hour later the place was swamped with relocation vans, evacuating the last tenants of Flamingo Valley before the entire lot is being handed over to the new developer.

It has been a long wait. Since July, when Nicole, and with her all our belongings moved to KL. During that time I must have been on the bus at least 10 times. Not to mention the 2 moronic trips on the scooter. One all the way to Kuala Lumpur. 360 Kilometers on that thing! And again to Melakka. That one was rather enjoyable. I loved to see the sunrise at 6:30 on the highway just after the border crossing.

Now it has been raining for 2 days. Slowly I am settling in. There are a lot of things to discover in my new home. For example: Where to buy shoelaces. Last time I tried to buy shoelaces in KL it took me a full day of running around. I think people just made fun of me. What with the shoelaces and all. Buy new shoes! Easy!

My parents are currently in Vietnam. Somewhere between Hanoi and Saigon (Ok ok ok... I know it is called Ho Chi Minh City, but Saigon sounds more umpf "right"). Their second holiday this year. They report no problems with the food. I guess they only eat in hotels. Boooring. Nothing beats a decent stomach pain after some half cooked chicken! Great story to tell when you are back home.

Speaking of which, we are heading out for dinner. Nicoles oldest brother (lots of brothers..) now also works in Kuala Lumpur and we are having a bite.

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Oops just realised I have to get on with some work, great blog, very light, concise and refreshing.