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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Trip to the Zoo

Not only does Singapore have a Bird park, which we tool my parents to, but they also have a Zoo and the Night Safari right next to that. For a small place like Singapore, that is a lot of parks and zoos!

Today we went to see some strange animals in the Zoo: White Tigers, Warthogs and Hippos. Singapore's Zoo is located at the nothernmost part of Singapore, which is a nice secludet area. The whole Zoo is an explosion of green as it is embedded in a jungletype environment. They have done a great job to decorate the place with worn out Jeeps from Safaris too and the whole place feels like one is really in the respective places where the beasts are from. The jungle surrounding helps with the ambience! Amazing how exciting one can be about a Zoo, right :-)...

Anyway, here is a nice pic, let's see if you can spot the Hippo. (A hint: it is green in color)

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